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Monday, April 2, 2012

After a very long, stressful, sad week we finally were able to relax and catch up on our sleep. It was nice to get out of the house for a bit too. Did a little shopping, had dinner with friends, and went to visit a new baby! Here's a mish mash post of what we've been up to.

Well I finally bit the bullet and packed up all of Cade's newborn clothes. *Sniff Sniff*
Nope, they didn't last long. With hand-me-downs from FIVE baby boys, this is why we have a huge Rubbermaid container full of just newborn clothes.

Packing them away for the next friend to have a baby boy and if we have another boy one day! :) Sometime waaaaaaay on down the road...

Then I pulled out his 6-9 month clothes/hand-me-downs for this Summer [his 3-6 months is already in the drawers/closet] to take inventory of what he had or needed and get his swimwear ready for the POOL. Mom and I actually laid out by the pool for maybe 30 minutes yesterday and I got sunburnt.

Yes, I am Casper.

Cade's Aunt Monk got him this precious hat. So ready for him to wear it soon!

We also spent some time organizing the office/guest bedroom and I was excited to add these adorable gift labels I ordered from Tiny Prints a few weeks ago - 1/2 OFF!

Last week our friends Brian and Devin had their baby girl, Emery. Cade and Emery will be 7 weeks apart and since Brian & Chad were good friends, they joke about these two having an arranged marriage. Well Cade "went a courtin" last night to finally visit and take Emery a gift. [smart boy] Beth did a cute post today about their "meeting". She is just precious and can't wait to share a few photos soon after I take her newborn photos tomorrow!
After we visited with the Milfords, me, Cade, and Sweetbef all went to eat Mexican. Cade's first "mexican restaurant experience" and he. hated. it. He showed out! Screaming like crazy to the point we quickly volunteered to eat outside (thank goodness it was a nice night) and then FINALLY he calmed down. This is the calm after the storm right here... Whew! Hopefully next time Cade's date with Auntie Beth will go a little smoother.

Fussy or not, I think I literally kissed these sweet cheeks over a hundred times this weekend. I just can't get enough of him and also can't believe he is going to be TWO MONTHS tomorrow.
(also his Grami's birthday)

Dear Time,
Please slow down.

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  1. He is absolutely precious! I don't blame you for kissing him 100+ times!


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