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Monday, April 16, 2012

So last week I survived my first time with baby... without Chad. [Ok, so I did have a little help too, thank goodness] He went to Alabama for a what felt too long quick hunting trip with friends. Turkey season is his absolute favorite. Seriously he is like a kid at Christmas. It's crazy to me but he compares it to my big market trips and ehhhh, so maybe I see his point.

All I have to say is thank goodness he killed one. I told him he couldn't come home without one. Can you say waste. of. time?
I never come home from a shopping trip without something. Let's be real.

While he was gone Cade and I had the best time. You know, dressing up in "Mommy Rocks" outfits and sending them to Chad to make him jealous miss us more. We sure missed him!
I noticed Cade was a lot more active while Chad was gone and one morning I found him in his crib completely turned around opposite of how I'd put him in there. Say what? So Chad gets home on a Wednesday, keeps Cade while I leave for just a few hours and what do you know. The child ROLLS OVER! Twice. Not even joking. Thanks Cade, I see how it is.

Didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes the next day. I walked out of room for few seconds and came back to this...
He was stuck on the playmat. Bless it.
He's rolled over several times since then and he's really too strong for his own good.
Our little roly poly.

This past Saturday was a VERY long day. Had to skip market in Feb since I was bringing Cade into the world and that meant we had a lot of making up to do at the April market. I didn't want to spend the night as usual because I couldn't leave Cade for that long, so a 16 hour day it was. Left at 6am and returned at 10pm. I needed all of Sunday to recover. I feel like I've been hit by a mack truck, but we had a super productive day and accomplished so much. Very excited about all the new styles coming in from now until Fall. This is one of my favorites.
Looks crazy expensive [Elizabeth McKay-ish/Tory Burch-ish] but less than $60 bucks!
Jump forward to today and we woke up to the wonderful news that Cade had a new baby cousin! Chad's first cousin Brianne & her husband Josh welcomed their second baby girl into the world. We are so excited to visit soon and meet Miss Abigail Rose. She is perfect!
We had a busy day planned today. Stopped by to spend the morning with Mrs. Ann and Cade loved, I mean LOVED, sitting on the front porch rocking and talking. He is kinda obsessed with being outside.

Then we stopped by Aunt Coco & "Uncle Mack's" new house that they closed on today. How exciting! Mack will live there until they are married in Dec but you know Courtney is eager to get her hands on decorating and I'm eager to help!
Oh and so is Cade...
Is it not absolutely precious? I'm so happy for them!
After getting a tour of their new digs, we went to Sugar to work for the rest of the afternoon. Notice how I say "we". Apparently Cade thinks he is the new boss at Sugar...

Laaaaaaaaid back. With his mind on his paci and his paci on his mind.

After a long day Cade enjoyed a stroll around the yard with his daddy. No need for his carrier in the stroller, oh no. He is now just sitting there, strapped in, cruising.

Say eh-llo to my little Chad.
Our 4 Year Celebration at Sugar is this weekend so it's an insanely busy, yet exciting week. More updates later. Even if it is this time next week.


  1. He is soooo adorable! And I love his stroller. What kind is it? Super cute! Harper was a roller too. Just hope he holds off on walking for a bit. Now I just run, run, run! Enjoy every second with that sweet baby. Time flies when you are having fun.

  2. hahahahaha "laid back, with his mind on his paci and his paci on his mind" glad i didn't have a mouthful of coffee, because i would've just spit it all over my computer! hilarious!


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