Fashion Friday: Easter Flashback

Friday, April 6, 2012

Ladies and gentleman, I'd like to introduce you to the Easter diva.

Circa 1989.

Yes, this is me and my sassy self...
Guess I was thinking I was hot stuff with all those Easter eggs in my basket.
One thing for sure, my mom had my sister and I dressed to a "T". Handmade matching dresses, pettiskirts, ruffle socks, big bows... the whole shabang.

UNTIL we got older...then I have no earthly clue what she was thinking. As evident by these next photos.

Check out this pose. With a flower, no less.

Finally I found this picture of my dad recently and couldn't help but to share. Shows how much we look alike. Just a little boy and already looking mighty dapper, shall we say.
I can't wait to dress up my own little man for his first Easter this Sunday. I put his Easter outfit on him yesterday to make sure it fit and he definitely looked up at me like
"'re kidding right?"

So I'm sure he will look back at photos just as I am and say "What were you thinking?".
But for now, he's going to look so darn cute.

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  1. so presh. i'll have to dig through my old easter photos this sunday. one year i HAD to have a hat and gloves. i think they were purchased at Belk in Honea Path. yes, HP had a Belk back in the day.


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