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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Heaven gained another angel on Saturday.

Our dear friends, the ones we were connected to at the hip as children, grandfather passed away. Their mom, Sandra was our mom's best friend. So close that there was 4 of them and they called themselves "Glue Sisters". Always together. All of the time. Stuck like glue.

Sandra took us to school, picked us up and kept us until mom got off work. We went on vacations together - the beach, Cabbage Patch Land (poor Caleb, the only boy with us 3 girls) and DisneyWorld.

Few years ago Sandra suddenly passed away from a rare infection after a routine hysterectomy. Such a freak incident and a SHOCK to everyone. My mom still hasn't gotten over it. I don't think any of us have.
So now we have even more in common with these two as we've both
lost a parent, been there for each other through and through and now within just 2 weeks we've both lost a beloved grandfather.

"Papa Charlie" and Mrs. Ann as we called them.
These are Sandra's parents, which I had known for years and years growing up with their grandkids Jessi & Caleb but just until the past 2 years or so had I become close to them, spending more time with them. Mrs Ann is an amazing seamstress. She's made all kinds of beautiful curtains and pillows for our house. So when my customers needed jeans hemmed at Sugar, I would take them to her so especially in the Fall I was constantly stopping by there before or after work to drop things off and pick things up.

In the morning, Papa Charlie would always have me a sausage biscuit. When I was pregnant, he'd always have me TWO! I am so glad he got to meet Cade a week or so after he was born. They are the absolute sweetest people you will ever meet and I love them so much.
They would have been married 44 years this month and within all that time had only spent 2 nights apart from each other. A true testament of a strong Christian marriage and an unwavering love for one another.
Please pray for Mrs. Ann, the kids (2) and grandkids (8). They also keep 3 younger kids after school every day/during the Summer and I know those kids are going to miss him so much, as we all will.

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