2 Months

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I think even HE is a little surprised that he's 2 months already...

  • at your 8 wk checkup you weighed 13.5 lb (86th percentile) and 24 inches (80 something percentile, I forget). You got 5 shots and took them like a champ, only screaming for just a bit. You are our little tough guy. Ok, big tough guy :)
  • you are now on a great schedule, eating every 3 hours and waking up only once around 3:30am to eat. [Ok, not every night but usually just once a night! ha]
  • still in size 1 diapers but done with newborn clothes. Now in 0-3 months.
  • For some reason you wake up around 6:30-7am - WIDE awake - and smiling like crazy. You are so happy this time of day and ready for us to get up and start the day. FYI Cade: Your mom is not a morning person. We're working on this! But one thing for do love to smile :)

  • you can hear very well. Someone called the house and left message and you immediately looked over at the answering machine. You will hear me or Chad as soon as we walk into a room and just get so bright eyed. You'll follow us around the room with your eyes.
  • you're starting to reach more. The animals on your activity mat or you'll reach for our faces or the bottle during feedings.
  • you put your hands in your mouth...a lot. Sometimes you suck your thumb but you take a paci - not all the time, but especially when you are sleepy.
  • you are a champ at holding your head up
  • your favorite place to lay is still on your changing table. We have no idea why but you will laugh and smile the most when you there. It is precious. Your daddy can make you laugh the most...go figure...
  • you've been outside a lot more this month as the weather has warmed up and you LOVE being outside.
  • you also love your swing and you have started "cooing" more and love to "talk" to the birds on the swing

  • you've had your first "shopping trip", first trip to church, and unfortunately first trip to a funeral home this month. You have really been on the go.
  • you love music and will instantly stop crying when I turn it up a little in the car or on the TV while you're in your swing.
  • your little eyelashes have grown a lot this month and your hair is getting lighter
  • tomorrow you will have your 8 wk shots and I am so not looking forward to it
and just because today is "Grami's" (my mom) birthday, I thought it would be fitting to post this recent photo of Cade. YES he is his father made over - no doubt about it - but sometimes...just sometimes...there's something about him that reminds me of his Grami!
What do you think?

The past 8 weeks have flown by and we have loved every minute of it. Even the sleepless nights and the fussy times. You are healthy and happy and we couldn't be more thankful!



  1. so presh. can't wait for our next date.

  2. LOVE the 2 month pic! So so so cute!

  3. What a sweet and happy boy! That smiles melts my heart. Jane is at the four month mark, and it seems like yesterday when she was that little. i know you probably hear it all the time, but it goes so fast!


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