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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Well, we've been hanging out with Aunt Coco and soon-to-be "Uncle Mack".
Don't they look like naturals?

and Cade met his great-grandmother McClain for the first time!
then we were bored one day so played around with hairstyles and realized that
Cade yes indeed can rock out a mohawk.
we have also implemented a new schedule/routine for little man and he's doing pretty good with it. He began sleeping in his crib on Tuesday because he was just not loving the bassinet. He seems to love his crib much better and has been sleeping 4 1/2-5 hour stretches vs. waking every 3 hours just a week or so ago. We also realized he sleeps better after a bath, so that's a new every night routine. Then he even let me swaddle him {gasp!}. I realized that DUH - the reason the swaddling wasn't working was because I was using too small of blankets. I mean hello, little man grew quick. So I pulled out the big Aiden & Anais swaddle blankets and they are perfect.
Future moms, you have to get some of these. They are made out of muslin that's lightweight, soft and breathable. This is the 4-pack we have. Find them at your local boutique, like ours - The Frilly Frog - or Buy Buy Baby, even Target has them now I think.

and I was also given this Dream Blanket , burp cloths and a sleep sack at showers. We have already enjoyed them too.
Hope Cade's new routine continues and he starts sleeping more and more every night. Fingers crossed. Moms out there - do you remember when your babies started sleeping through the night? Any tips/tricks to give this mama more sleep?


  1. That little smirk on his face in the picture of the mowhawk is precious!!!! It's almost as if he knows he is a stud haha! Such a little doll!

  2. he's so sweet. can't wait to see him again. :)

    1. we'll be here all weekend :) You better stop by if you're in a-town!

  3. Cade can definitely rock a mohawk! Precious precious!

  4. We loved the muslin blankets too! They are so soft! We also used the swaddle me blankets that Velcro. Those were so simple to use and as Bennett got older I could still wrap him snug on the body and he could slip out his arm or hand if he wanted a little more ability to move. And sleep, he started 7-8 hour stretches around 8 weeks. I wrote all of those milestones down so I could remember :)

    1. That gives me something else to look forward to - 8 weeks! Really, he's doing good but I couldn't imagine a 7-8 hour stretch. I'd feel like a new woman. You all will probably know when that happens because then I'll start having more energy to blog more! HA!

  5. i love his mohawk/half smile picture...such a cool dude :) too adorable!


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