Weekend of Firsts.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

We had a great weekend. A weekend filled with a lot of "firsts" for Mr. Cade.

Friday night we needed a few things from Lowe's so we could work on house projects over the weekend and projects at our granddad's [he is coming home from the nursing home tomorrow, praise the Lord! More on that later...]

So we thought we'd just scoot up to Anderson and have dinner at the nearby Zaxbys. You know, nothing major, just to get our feet wet. Well Cade was great...mmmm, for about the first 10 minutes. Then the crying began. Needless to say, our little family outing ended quick. I thought he would like riding in the buggy at Lowes, but um...he didn't love that either. ha! What am I going to do with a baby who hates to shop?

"I thought we were going to Target!!"

Saturday was my FIRST full day back at work. The girls could have worked but I was eager to get some things done in the store and try to catch up. Chad worked outside all day so my mom kept Cade. Cade's FIRST full day with Grammi. I was quickly reminded of how exhausting it was to be on your feet for 6+ hours, yet thankful it was a busy day. Missed my boy, but it felt good to be back and I loved seeing a lot of my sweet customers. I have missed them!

Sunday was Cade's FIRST time at church. Oh what a glorious day. I can't tell you how long I sat in church, Sunday after Sunday, praying that one day we would have a precious child sitting there in that pew with us. Then when I was pregnant, Cade's favorite time to kick was during church as the music played, so I always sat in awe and wondered how he would be in church once he was here.
I made Chad take a quick pic but Cade was not having it.
A kid who doesn't like to shop...AND hates pictures. Yep, just. like. his. daddy.

On the way to church, he began to get fussy. Chad looked at me and commented "This is going to be bad. Soooo bad". He was scared to death. Me, on the other hand, was calm as could be. Oh yes, because I knew I had a bottle I could feed him once we were inside, if he got fussy. That's the trick right? Hmmph, I was over-confident I guess. But once we were seated he looked around for a few minutes then went to sleep and never made another peep. Amazed. Maybe he knew he was in God's house and needed to behave or maybe it was all the lights/music. Either way, he did so good and we were so glad to be back! Fingers crossed for next week...

He looked so cute dressed up in this sweet outfit with a little white cardigan - a handmedown from my bestie Ruth! We're pretty lucky we have friends/family with such well dressed little boys :) VERY lucky.

"I knooooow you aren't making me wear this"
"but mom I wanted to wear camo...!"
"Ok ok, if you insist!"
Aaah, I could just eat him up. My sweet precious, love him so much!


  1. What a handsome handsome boy!

  2. The trips out get easier, I promise!!! Our first one went very similarly to yours. Now, Jane is a pro and can handle a day on the go pretty well!

    HE is absolutely adorable! That last picture is just the sweetest thing!


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