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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ok, ok. Just one more photo and I'll try to come down off of my bragging hiatus :)

This is probably one of my absolute favorites that Abby did. The little newsboy hat, old Pepsi crate...oh and that precious baby boy. Yep, I'm smitten.

Can't believe he's going to be ONE MONTH OLD Saturday!


  1. Good gracious he is adorable!!! I just love newborn photos like these. The ones you posted already were cute, but this is stinkin precious. Jane is fourteen weeks and some change now. It goes by sooooo fast. The good news is, each new stage is more fun than the one before it. Just you wait until he smiles a really big purposeful smile!!!

    1. Oh I can not WAIT for that! Time is already flying by, you're right. It's crazy! Definitely going to try and soak in each precious second. Thanks for the sweet comments! :)


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