Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cade you are 1 month today!

  • At last dr. appointment, you weighed 10 lb even, so I'm guessing by now you are closer to 11 lb. Every time I pick you up, you feel a little bit heavier I swear. I love your chubby cheeks and how your arms and legs are getting chunky. I could just eat you up!
  • Size 1 diapers | Size Newborn clothes, some 0-3 months. You're quickly outgrowing them
  • You are going about 3 hours in between feedings, even at night, but sometimes you like to stay awake from 4:30am-6am and just play. Not ideal. We're working on that.
  • You haven't lost any of your hair and when I part it to the side, you look so handsome like a little man
  • You constantly tuck your hands under your chin and pose. We are now referring to it as "Cading". Your Auntie Beth swears it's going to be a revolution dance move one day..."do the the Cade..."
  • You love the bouncy seat with the vibration and birds chirping and you love to watch the birds on the swing too.
  • Your favorite place to sleep is laying on my chest, go figure. This is why I get nothing done.
  • This picture is hilarious. He's giving me "the look".
  • You know the look where he's thinking "Mama I KNOW you're not going to do this
  • to me for the next 11 months!" HA!

  • You had your first outing to a restaurant this past week and also first time in your stroller, strolling up and down Waller Avenue where I work. It was a beautiful day and fun to get you out [even if it does take us 3 hours to get ready and out the door! ]
  • You love riding in the car. You may scream once we put you in the car seat, but as soon as we roll out of the driveway, you are out!
  • You love to smile and you even chuckle in your sleep. It's so darn cute.
  • You love bath time every other night.
  • You love to lay on the changing pad when getting your diaper changed. You smile and smile and love to stretch out.
  • You hate having your arms swaddled. We tried and tried but you screamed and sounded like you were fighting out of a straight jacket.
  • You smile really big at your daddy - of course! He is going to make you laugh for many many years to come, just you wait.
  • I sing Jesus Loves Me and You are My Sunshine to you just about every night. You love to hear music. I told your daddy to sing you a lullaby one night and he broke out into "Silver Bells". Hmmm, we're working on that too.
  • You will take a paci but it's not a must. Sometimes you refuse it.
  • You will lay on the activity mat and your eyes get so big looking around
Every day we are still adjusting more and also getting you out of the house a little more. You go back for another dr. appointment and shots at 6 weeks. I'm dreading that, but will feel better about getting you out more as the weather begins to warm up this month. I love that it's March already. We can't wait to take you to church to meet everyone!

You are our precious boy and I can't believe it's been 4 weeks already. If this is a preview of how fast the rest of the months will fly by, then I'm seriously scared. Trying to soak in every second. Life is certainly SO much sweeter because of you!


  1. Happy 1 Month, Cade! He is so adorable, and so big!! I love his facial expressions... my nephew would make the same type of face when I would haul out my phone to take his pictures :)

  2. so sweet. cade gives you the side eye...a lot!


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