Little updates on little Cade

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just wanted to jot down a few things and I promise not every post is going to be about my spoiled rotten baby :) But be warned, a lot of them will.

  • I won't update this often but a lot can happen in these first few weeks. Cade turned 2 weeks this past Friday and at his check up Monday, he weighed in at 10 lbs and was still 21.5 inches long! Woohoo!
  • He makes the funniest faces. Like this one for instance. As if he's thinking "Mama, what in the world is that black box in front of your face all the time?". Yes, the child has learned to hate love the camera.

  • I am afraid I not only underestimated how many diapers/wipes we'd go through per day, but also the number of outfit changes. Geez.
  • Why do they put pockets on some baby sleepers/layettes? I mean really. Chad said "What goes there? his change? like really whats he going to do with that?" ha, no idea.
  • Speaking of Chad, he has by far exceeded all of my expectations of him as a father. He has been amazing from day one. He's actually somewhat more protective of Cade than I am. It's super sweet and I'm so thankful for him. He is the best!
  • I have learned to be the ultimate multitasker. I can work/email vendors on my iPhone while feeding him a bottle and eating my lunch at the same time. True story.
  • We need a maid. The house is an absolute wreck now. How in the world do stay at home moms have time to do it all? I do good to keep the bottles washed between all the feeding, pumping, rocking, etc... I look up and think to myself "Did I even eat breakfast? What time is it? Better yet, what DAY is it?"
  • Cade has big hands and feet. I think he gets his long "piano playing fingers" (and long toes) from me. Did you see that picture of his feet? When the nurse did his footprints she shouted "They barely fit on the page!" Im waiting on Chad to start calling him "big foot" any day now. Bless.
  • He has worn size 1 diapers since in the hospital. We tried newborn once we got home but he kept leaking out of them. Good thing I didn't have but a box or two of newborn. Off to trade those out today.
  • He takes about 3-4 oz of BM during day and 2 oz BM / 1-2 oz formula at night. He has good days and bad. Some going every 3 hours between feedings - never fussy, some every 2 and fussy all day long. I prefer the 3 hour stretch days. Oh how that hour makes such a difference. Whew.
  • He has dark hair and mostly at the back of his neck. Baby mullet.
  • He naps with his hands curled up under his chin or near his face (like his dad) and mouth wide open (like his mom. Yep, Im guilty)
  • He smiles a lot now and I have even heard a little laugh when hes sleeping. Cant wait to hear those full out giggles.
  • Sometimes he burps (and toots!) like a grown man.
  • When you lay him on your chest he started holding his head up the first week he was home.
  • He loves laying on the changing table. I swear he'd sleep there all night if we let him.
  • His little umbilical cord stump finally fell off today. YAY for real baths now!
  • Last Friday, after being in the house for 7 days, I had to get out. So once Chad got off work around 3pm, we went to Anderson to shop a bit and have an early dinner. Cade's Grami got to keep him for the first time! It was nice to have that time together.
  • Tonight I'm going to the movies real quick with Sweetbef. Have to see The Vow and Chad will be keeping Cade for the first time by himself. Hate leaving my baby for too long but it sure is nice to get out of these four walls for a bit. I need it to keep my sanity. (Can you say cabin fever? Can't wait until we can get Cade out and about more too)
  • But he has stopped by Sugar twice already though! He's going to be mommy's little helper. Chad is pretty scared about that and prays "Lilly Pulitzer" isn't his first words.
Every day is trial and error. Every day we find a challenge. Every day we learn something new. Every day we feel a little less clueless. Every day he changes just a bit.
Every day we fall more and more in love.


  1. um...the 4th bullet point made me laugh out loud--for reals. sweet baby cade. hopefully he won't be walking the next time i see him.

    can't wait to have some girl time with you tonight mama!

  2. ahhhhh I love this post about your little Cade, he is so precious! Also, CONGRATULATIONS on having him! I love reading all about the little man and seeing all of his pics! Super cute nursery too! :) Have fun with him and enjoy every second!

  3. All of that is SO familiar and it was fun to have those reminders of the early days. How soon we forget :). Jordan and i were just saying the other day, "do you remember when Bennett pooped on every outfit? And spit up all the time?" Etc etc! Goodness it goes fast! So happy for you!

    1. Thanks Megan! I can't believe how fast the days go by, you are right. How old is Bennett now? Hope yall are doing well too!

  4. This post is so cute, and congrats on your sweet baby boy! Info like this is definitely helpful for those of us who haven't had babies yet. By the way, the blue and orange nursery is completely adorable. Call me crazy, but I saw this vase at Anthropologie the other day and was immediately reminded of your nursery pics, although it's a little girly :)

  5. He is 17 months--walking, talking, keeping me busy! It's great! I should really update the blog but I just can't make the time right now despite my best efforts :(. Maybe one day!!


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