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Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's a hard life being a model, I tell ya.

I knew once I had little man I obviously wouldn't have as much time to blog, or even get online for that matter. But little did I know that I wouldn't even have time to oh, you know, shower...actually put on makeup...keep up with laundry, even text people back. Heck, he's a week old and we haven't even fully unpacked from the hospital. Our days are filled with our number one priority being taking care of Cade and that is a-ok with me right now.

So until I actually upload my 701 photos from his birthday/this past week [I know, ridiculous. Who takes 701 photos?] then I'll just have to post Instagram photos and update when I can.

Yesterday was a momentous day for many reasons. First of all I finally straightened my hair, put on makeup, AND wore a decent outfit. Ha! Sweatpants and spit-up stained t-shirts it was for the first week. Trying to survive day to day right? In all seriousness, the day was great because Cade had his second dr. appt. On Monday when we went he had lost down to 7.13 {birth weight was 8.9}. Well yesterday he was back up a whole pound to 8.13! Woohoo! The boy loves to eat and even though I'm still figuring out this whole nursing thing, I was proud to see the weight gain. We are finally getting the hang of it.

After his dr. appointment Grami took us over to have his newborn photos taken by the talented Abby Funderburk of Greenwood. She did an amazing job [even if Cade DID pee all over her. Yup, that's my boy] and Lisa was so gracious to let us use her beautiful home. I can not wait to see them! You all know I'm obsessed with photography and of course, now I'm obsessed with this sweet boy. [and THAT is why we took 700 photos within 5 days...]

Then we had a special visit from Sweetbef and Kelly last night! They have showered him with goodies once again this week. Too too much. It was a great day!

Will update more when I can but again, thanks for all the sweet comments. We are still trying to figure out this whole "being parents" deal...and laughing all the way let me tell you. It is an experience that's so surreal, we sometimes look at each other and say "I can't believe they actually let us take him home. He's really ours!" We are enjoying every. single. sweet. second. Even being so sleep deprived to the point of being a walking zombie. Trust me, all I can say is it's amazing and thank you, thank you Lord!


  1. Many, many blessings are in store for the McClain family! I am so glad you got those precious newborn photos. I didn't with my first, and it's my biggest regret. I made up for it with our second, though! Whoo Hoo!

    You'll cherish these photos for the rest of your life, and these are likely to be the pictures sitting on a table when he takes his bride. This will be a full circle moment for you one day, so breath it all in, Mama!

    And of course, I can't say it enough: Rest up!! Grab every wink you can!

  2. Aww I saw his pictures on Abby's Facebook and wondered if he was your Cade. Abby is friends with a good friend of mine from Texas, Brandi (b4 photography) Brandi is flying here to do our newborn session for our Annalise. Such a small world! He is precious and I know y'all are floating on cloud 9!

    1. It IS a small world, wow. Abby did such a great job, can't wait to see them all! and yes we are still on cloud 9 :) Love it

  3. we nothing...those cute outfits and such were all kelly. i just came to shower him with love. can't wait to see him (and you) again and see how much he's grown.

    1. you showered him at hospital :) can't wait for him to wear that outfit tomorrow! I'll send pic!

  4. Sandi, whats your Instagram username?? (Please & thanks :))


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