Oh Caaaaaade...

Monday, January 30, 2012

Your friend Sunny sure is ready to meet you.


He's helped get your nursery all finished, spotless and new.

So if you get the urge to arrive this week then it would give us all great joy

because we are READY and couldn't be more excited to meet you sweet boy!

Update: I thought I may go into my dr appointment today with zero progress from last week and thought they may have to induce/schedule c-section tomorrow, but my doctor said everything really looked good and she really thinks I can have this baby on my own. I kinda want to wait it out too, as impatient as I seem and as big as this baby seems to be. It truly is the easiest, safest, fastest way to deliver and that's what God intended us to do so no need to rush it. I know it's all about God's timing and y'all know I'm a firm believer that His timing is perfect. She moved my due date to 2/2 when it was always 2/7, which was great. She said it really should have been that all along and since he's always measured ahead, she set it for 2/2 and that way they will not let me go over a week from my due date now. So baby definitely by next Thursday but I'm hoping and PRAYING he just comes on his own this week {especially since he's already so big and if he stays in until next week we may be looking at possible c-section for sure}. If no baby by Thursday, I have dr. appointment at 9am to have stress test/hook up to monitors to check on him. We will see.

He is sitting low and ready, I just had eggplant parm for lunch and I've got my walking shoes on for a long walk this evening. Wish me luck and say a prayer for us! The house is spotless, bags are packed, car seat installed, and the store is finally somewhat settled/as ready as it's going to be, so WE ARE READY!



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