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Monday, January 9, 2012

Confession: I had big plans for our house that I had all intentions of getting done before baby arrived. I really want a new desk and "home office/guest bedroom" but I'm not sure if I can squeeze that in over the next 4 weeks do you? Hey, don't tempt me.

Last week I was blessed to have a few days off and I've been nesting like crazy! Chad's dad came over and helped finish a few things in the nursery, his mom helped me clean some and my mom came over for a full day of organizing/cleaning both Friday and Saturday. We got so much accomplished. Our house is small so I have to get creative and utilize every bit of space I have. Again, I want a place for everything and everything in its place before baby arrives. Nesting 101 right?

If you've yet to pay a visit to the blog, iheartorganizing, you must do so. Now! So many fabulous ideas to get you motivated. She is a genius and I wish she would come organize my entire house. Wishful thinking.

My first goal on my list was to clean out the "junk closet/cleaning storage closet/Chad's hunting stuff closet" in the laundry room and make it more organized and productive. It was an absolute MESS. Needed a place to store cleaning supplies and my "couponing stockpile" : aka, I've got enough paper towels and laundry detergent to last me 6 months to a year I think!

Loved this idea...

and while I would still like to find shelving/wire racks to put on back of door instead of just my aprons, [and the paper towels were kind of thrown in there] this is what we ended up with. All of my brooms, Swiffers, and Shark steammop are in there to the right. HALLELUJAH! It's so organized and everything I need is at my fingertips. I would like to add a few more hooks and one of those "grocery bag dispensers" in there too.
and yes I ran out of room in his closet/room to put diapers so we had to store a few boxes up there! Very thankful!!
We also organized pantries/cabinets/etc... and made room for bottles and such.
If only I had a pantry like this...

We've also been busy putting together items like the swing and bouncy seat [both look VERY weird in the den and make it seem all the more real that yes, we are indeed about to have a real live baby in this house!] and project nursery has been in full swing.

Here's a few sneak peeks.
I can't WAIT to finish soon and have everything ready for my sweet boy!

His nursery is a mix of vintage and modern. I have no idea how that happened but I kept finding random things, like a huge vintage frame from my grandma's old abandoned flower shop, and with a lot of spray-paint in hand { my sister's hand} , I kept coming up with crazy ideas. We certainly did his nursery on a budget and were so frugal, buying most pieces at Ikea. Hopefully one day we can splurge on "big boy furniture" but for now the nursery is just a hodge-podge of different things all meshed together and it works.
It has it's own little personality and we love it!
I will admit I have went back and forth thinking "Should I have went bold/whimsical with lots of color or kept it a beautiful neutral for the nursery?" [I've seen so many on Pinterest I just LOVE lately. Darn you Pinterest!] but I can say I am very pleased with the bedding from Serena & Lily [also purchased on major sale!] - the quality is awesome and who am I kidding? Y'all know I'm a sucker for bright colors.
I'm obsessed with his teeny tiny precious clothes. I spent hours this weekend washing his clothes, neatly folding/organizing them in his dresser and also re-organizing his closet...yes, for like the 4th time already. He has been so blessed, there's no way this child can wear all of these clothes but I can't wait to dress him over and over everyday!
Loved finding sweet prints on Etsy. This verse is one of my absolute all time favs!
Can't wait to show you the rest soon. Hopefully the rocker will arrive sometime the next two weeks {uh, before the baby gets here please} and I can finish all the little details.
Fingers crossed!

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  1. um...i'm coming over there this weekend whether you like it or not! i LOVE LOVE LOVE all these "peeks" at mr. cade's room. i especially love the last print with the first and the elephant. so perfect.


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