Christmas Day

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ok, still catching up on the Christmas posts so here goes one more and promise I'm done!

Christmas morning we went to church then had brunch at mom's and exchanged presents with her, Charles, Mack and Court! Usually we go over very early on Christmas morning and have breakfast, so with church this year it was a little different but there was nothing better than being in church on Christmas morning!

Court and Mack with their "engagement ornament"
I made them a book of their engagement on Shutterfly. They were pretty excited
and I'm so glad they loved it!
Charles and Mom
Charles works at Michelin so he bought this for baby Cade. How stinkin' cute!
Yes, he's going to be our little "Michelin baby" - chunky rolls and all :) I can not wait.
tradition: she got another Juicy charm for her bracelet and this year of course it was the engagement ring. Hmmm, how appropriate...
[and check out that Snuggie Chad got her. Oh yes, still giving the gift of Snugginess]
Mama and her "Grami" tote! Yup, it's official now.
with Court - aka "Aunt Coco"
Don't know what in the world either of us would do without this woman! She is our world. If only daddy was here to celebrate all of the excitement of this past year...
Next Christmas they will be NEWLYWEDS!!! Aaaahhh!!!
and next Christmas we will have an almost ONE YEAR OLD!!!
How crazy is that?
Here's the whole gang together...
What a year of blessings - I'm pregnant with our first child and Court & Mack got engaged.
I'd say it was a great year. We couldn't be more thankful!

After brunch at mom's we headed to Boone to spend Christmas evening with Chad's family. Usually his Uncle's fam comes to see us but this year since he's battling cancer, we all made the decision that nothing would stop us from going to take Christmas TO him. It was SO good to get to see him and we had a great time with the whole fam - all 19 of us!
It was a nice little getaway - a time we will never forget. Continue to keep them in your prayers. God is good to give us all another Christmas. We enjoyed spending it with the ones we love and hope you did as well!

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  1. 1. Chad looks like a teenager. he's going to be the hippest dad. and i think him and i could share in our love for random tee's. do you think he'd let me borrow some?

    2. when you mentioned your ALMOST made me cry, but i refuse to cry at work. so i'll save it for later.


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