Baby Update - 38 Weeks

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yes, my heart has been saddened this week and to say that we have a lot going on is an understatement. However we are also anxious, joyful, eager, nervous and excited to meet our baby boy in hopefully less than two weeks. Ok let's be honest I hope in less than ONE week.
We've been waiting for nine long months. Really? Is it time?

I can't even put all my emotions into words right now.

Tonight we went for an ultrasound because the doctors wanted to see how big he was measuring. Remember how he always measured two weeks ahead? They wanted to check on that and check his weight since I reminded the dr. Chad and I were both pretty good size babies [8.9 and 8.5. Oh yes, I was the bigger one. You should see my baby rolls]

Well it looks like Cade is going to follow right in his parent's footsteps because as of tonight he weighs [+ or - 9 oz] .... drum roll please...

8.1 lbs

Yes, my friends. He is ready. We are ready.

It is time!

The ultrasound tech said even though the u/s machine tells you + or - 9 oz she firmly believed he was a solid 8 lbs but "probably not much more". Oh thanks, great news.

Can not believe I am carrying around 8 pounds [well actually yes, my back can tell] but I have prayed and prayed for a big, healthy baby and actually I'm excited he's so healthy and doing well but yet nervous about the whole delivery deal. {Yikes! Is this really happening? Can you tell I am clearly just now having the realization that yes, yes indeed I am going to have. a. baby.}
We meet with the doctor in the morning to find out how I've progressed and see what we're dealing with.

All I know is I am READY to kiss those chubby cheeks!

So I leave you with this until tomorrow...
This was taken yesterday at exactly 38 weeks for my photobook. Shock I tell you. How in the world does a belly grow like that?

[Cade is actually measuring 38wks5days per the ultrasound]

one excited, delirious, {BIG!} soon-to-be mama.

one hilarious, nervous soon-to-be daddy.

More updates to come! Let's just hope he stays put until Chad's family returns from the funeral in Boone, NC tomorrow. Continuing to pray for them and hope they all have a safe trip back. We still wish we could be there with them!


  1. oh chad. i can't wait until baby cade comes...he's going to jump right into fatherhood.

  2. These pics are hilarious! Your belly is so cute!!! I know you are beyond ready to have that sweet boy in your arms! He'll be here before you know it and believe it or not, you'll actually miss being prego!

  3. Look at you! Adorable! Good luck with everything! My labor and delivery was better than I could have ever expected and I pray the same for you :) hope you are resting your tired body!


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