well hello mr. gingerbread man

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Monday night Chad and I went over to his sister's house to help our twin 4 1/2 yr old nephews with a K4 school "craft project". Chad's sister was in Boston for work and she put me in charge. Sorry Wayne {her husband}. Apparently she knew he had no clue about crafts. I was excited to help!

They brought home paper gingerbread men that they were suppose to decorate any way they wanted. Well, of course what do you think they wanted their men to be? We figured this would be perfect idea. So with a little camo felt, some scrapbooking stickers, pom poms, and glue they made their gingerbread "hunter" and "fisherman".

I said under my breath "Man, wish we had a hot glue gun" and I kid you not, two seconds later Jackson was coming around the corner with the hot glue gun. How the kid knew where it was, I have no idea but he knows everything. Little later I said "Oops we're running out of glue" and again, he pops up out of nowhere with a ziplock bag of hot glue gun sticks. Hilarious!

We also used Facetime for the first time to show Monica the boys work and let her talk to them a bit. I told Chad he needed an iPhone so we could Facetime/ see Cade when and if we are ever away, but he has one of those indestructible phones and I swear I think he still destructs it.

Anyhoo, here's Jackson's Hunter
he totally did the hair all on his own and was so proud. Granted the hat is a wee bit small for his head but still, turned out super cute. They loved gluing on the "outfits"
Maddox's Fisherman
Can you guess who helped him with the mustache. Oh and the "belt" was Chad's idea too.
I told him he missed his calling. Seriously. Fashion designer all the way.
little Carter Roo just grinned the whole time and had nothing to do with craft night! He's just ready for his FIRST birthday party next weekend. He's so excited he's even standing on his own and may be walking soon!


  1. Totally cute gingerbread men! I loved all of their little accents!
    Oh and little Carter is just the cutest thing ever! His smile is to die for! Heart breaker in the making...

  2. So sweet! You and Chad are gonna be awesome parents...can't wait for Cade to get here.


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