Tacky Christmas Sweater SHOWER!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Last Friday we attended a Tacky Christmas Sweater Christmas Shower {try saying that 4 times fast} for our sweet friends Nick and Jana. They are getting married next June and they're two of the most precious people you will ever meet. Seriously, so darn sweet!
engagement photo by Rachel Hughes Photography

The shower was hosted at Brian and Devin's house. Brian is Nick's older brother and one of Chad's best friends since hmmm? 8th grade? They've been busy hosting a lot of showers lately. Remember mine? PLUS they have a new baby on the way!

Here's their little family of 3 {soon to be 4, adding baby girl in March}
How cute is Mason with the reindeer nose. He liked it as more of a "head piece".

some of the ladies in front of the "tacky photo props"
That's the bride second to the right
The winners of the "tackiest" award...
me and the groom's dad - we liked our lime green and pink
here's all the girls, take 1...
take 2, finally all smiling...
and the fellas.
me and the hubs. Bless. Our last minute selves just hit up my moms closet { IS a really cute sweater mom} and the Target t-shirt section and off we went.
Everyone was so creative and crafty this year. Why am I not feeling it? I can't even bring myself to finish the "crafty projects" for Cade's nursery.
Oh well, crafty or not - we had a great time plus Nick & Jana were showered with so many fun gifts that is sure to have their home all decked out next year! Congrats guys!


  1. thanks for the shout out about helping to find Chads shirt...geez. Well I guess it was more that girl that overheard our convo. Shout out to you blonde girl!

  2. Only you could manage to make a tacky Christmas sweater not look tacky! And pink and green no less! You look gorgeous sweetie :) Thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful weekend!! xoxoxo

  3. Emily Grice would win the tackiest award! Looks like a great time


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