Productive Weekend

Monday, December 12, 2011

We had absolutely no plans for this weekend and I enjoyed resting, for one, [especially with a super busy week ahead] and also getting a lot of things done around the house.
  • ordered several more Christmas gifts online
  • painted a few more things for the nursery
  • wrapped a ton more presents
  • cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more...story of my life.
I also got out my diaper bag. Funny story: I purchased this Kate Spade diaper bag over 2 years ago on clearance, just as the mere thoughts of having a future child started entering my mind. I kept it in the original box in my closet. It was so surreal to get it out, take out all the paper packing and begin filling it up with items for Cade. Blows my mind.
I prayed that I would one day use this diaper bag and now over 2 years later, I feel blessed - still absolutely love it and can not wait to use it.

What are your diaper bag essentials? I'm trying to think of things I need to
pack in his bag for the hospital too!
Worked on organizing the nursery closet. Still a ways to go...
and worked on a few more little things in his nursery...
will do a post once it's finally complete. It may be a while. Let's hope before he is here!
so many fun books and toys...
I finally tackled the new decal I ordered from Etsy weeks ago.
Put it on a blank wall in our master bathroom and it actually wasn't that difficult at all.
we finally hung curtains in our bedroom and a mirror above my dresser that I got on sale at Kirklands for $29.99 {originally $59.99. Score.}. Um, it only took us 3 years!
Even though we got so much done, I still feel like there is SO much more to do before baby gets here! Need to keep reminding myself: baby steps.

Also this weekend I finished up buying for my "star" I adopted at the Burton Center in Greenwood. The Burton Center is a non-profit, governmental agency that provides services for people with disabilities and special needs in the Lakelands area. They serve over 1100 people in this area! Amazing! Everything from mental disabilities to autism to spinal injuries and more. One of the coolest things is the Lander Equestrian team goes over to help and has worked miracles with some of these patients! It's something about horses and therapy - it's just amazing what all they can do. Such a great local cause if you are interested in helping next year, be sure to let them know and get involved!!

I would really rather GIVE than to receive. I love giving gifts. I love shopping for people, picking out the perfect gift, wrapping it in gorgeous paper - everything! It makes my day. I hope I can teach Cade the importance of also giving back to the community and giving to others during the Christmas season. Would like for the Burton Center Star Program to be one of our new Christmas traditions. Even programs like Lottie Moon through our church, I enjoy giving during this special time even though I know we should do it all year long!

Again, it's all about baby steps. You can start small and you never know the difference it will make!


  1. There is nothing like giving!!! I'm part of the Athens Area Cancer Auxiliary and we adopted two families who have loved ones going through chemotherapy right now and are facing financial hardships. I had a 17 year old girl and while out shopping for her I added in a few extra things because I knew she would love it! I am loving the wall monogram - would you send me the etsy link?? laurabethpalmer at - Thanks!!!!!

  2. i have GOT to come see that sweet nursery before he gets here.

  3. Making a tradition of giving to the Burton Center Star Program is a wonderful idea. Brings the meaning of Christmas and heartfelt generosity back into focus. Also, the wall monogram is gorgeous. So classy!

  4. Aww look at his sweet closet. Everything is coming together! I made a packing list on my baby blog.

    That should help you! :)


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