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Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's beginning to look a LITTLE like Christmas.

Just maaaaaaaybe not a lot around here at the McClain household.

Well, we're doing better than last year. Last year we didn't even put up a tree. {GASP! Call me scrooge...I know...I know...} But we had so much going on, to say the least, and it was a difficult time for us. No one even came over to see us, I stayed so wrapped up in work, so we didn't even go through the trouble. I hope we never have another year like that, but even this year with me being pregnant and hmmm, 36-39 weeks in January, I just couldn't imagine taking down a TON of Christmas decorations! Therefore, we didn't put out everything - just a "little" - so here's a sneak peek of some of my favorite Christmas decorations around our home.

If I don't put another decoration out, I knew I'd at least have to put out my nativity scene I bought from Kirklands before we got married. There's scripture on each figurine and I love it on our sofa table.
{Also the "M" vase was a gift from friends and I change it out each season with different little "doo dads" as Chad calls them. The sparkly blue ornaments would usually match our blue theme/tree we have}
I love love love our stockings I got a few years ago from Ballard Designs. They look so great in our sunroom. Only regret is that I would have ordered 2-3 more blank ones for future kids. Now I'm stuck :\ Buy all new stockings or just different ones for Cade/future kids? I can't even find similar ones to coordinate! Help!
My mom gave us this ornament a few weeks ago. How cute is this?
I need to write our names and the date on it.
Here's our beautiful yummy-smelling real wreath we get every year from the Newell family! They ship it all the way from Boone, NC and it's always the BEST gift. We enjoy it so much and it's just gorgeous. We can't thank them enough!
I LOVE wrapping presents! You'd think I'd get tired of it after wrapping sometimes 20 a day at the store during this season, but I do enjoy it. I love picking out new paper at Hobby Lobby every year and this year I bought Sally Foster paper from the twins for their school. Love it. I also pick out one fun "kid" paper - like this year Happy Feet Two - so I wrap all the kiddos in that paper and it's easy to distinguish who's who.
and then the tree.

our poor, pitiful little tree as Chad says!

We decided to forego the regular large tree we usually always put up in our den and we just put the smaller 6 ft "Sunroom/Beachy" tree in there. It was less ornaments, less to decorate but still gave us a "little" bit of Christmas. I actually happen to love this tree and most all of the ornaments have been purchased on different trips we've made. I'll have to get a better photo of it at night.
But for now, that's all folks!
We don't need a whole lot of fancy decorations to celebrate Christmas this year - or any year really - but next year I do plan to go all out for Cade's first Christmas and we are SO excited about that. I can't imagine how fun it will be!

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