Christmas Part I: Bamberg Trip

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our younger half brother, Will, usually comes to visit us at Christmas but again, like I said, this Christmas was just a bit different. With me being pregnant and beyond busy at the store [not to mention our house and guest bedroom has turned into baby central], we just figured it would be best to drive down to Bamberg and spend the day with Will! Plus we wanted to see their awesome new house they just built.

Here's me, Court, and Lynn. My dad was married to Lynn for I'm not sure how many years but she had to put up with us during our horrific "tween" years so I give her mad props for that. She was always a great stepmom to us and has now turned into a great friend!
It's amazing how the years will change things. We were so glad to spend time with them, even if it was just for a few hours.

Can you tell Will was the photographer on this one?

with our "used to be little" brother. He is now DRIVING and 16. I still can not believe it!
[and yes, this dress makes me look like the size of a barn. ha]

it's not family time until someone does an awkward photo...


So blessed to have wonderful siblings. Don't know what I'd do without em'.


So that was six hours of driving for this prego mama in one day on Friday...
and that was JUST the beginning of our crazy Christmas weekend!

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