34 Weeks

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I think my face says it all.
Every time I look at a picture of myself, I say "Holy cow!"
How can my belly get any bigger?

but oh it can...and it does...everyday it seems.

To be 34 weeks this Christmas was such a blessing, especially compared to the heartache we experienced last Christmas. I went to church Sunday morning carrying MY son thinking of Mary carrying THE son, our Savior, and celebrating his birth. It was a surreal experience I will never forget. This pregnancy is certainly becoming more difficult each day and I may find myself more and more physically "miserable", but all in all I have loved every minute and feel so blessed to be chosen as the mommy of this baby boy. We are just so excited and thankful!

Here's an update for my "blog scrapbook":

How far along: 34 weeks today

Maternity clothes? I can still pull off a few stretchy non-maternity dresses, but for the most part everything is maternity now and I can't wait to wear regular clothes again.

Symptoms? Hmmm, where do I begin? I stay in the bathroom, heartburn, SO TIRED, my lower back is sore a lot, a tad bit of swelling especially after I eat salty foods, Braxton Hicks, numbness sometimes in my legs and left side like he's pinching a nerve, and then a bunch of other aches/pains that I wouldn't even begin to post on this blog. Also just going to throw this out there - weight gain is now up to 30 lbs now. Oh my word and this last month I know is going to do me in but again, I can't complain! It's ALL worth it!!

Stretch Marks? nope, still using Cocoa Butter and BioOil religiously.

Sleep? I'm so exhausted lately that I do sleep well but it just hurts to roll over and have a hard time getting up out of the bed. It's quite comical. I also get up like 4-5 times a night to use the bathroom. It gets ridiculous.

Best Moment this Week? Definitely being pregnant at Christmas! So grateful and it was fun to see those perfectly wrapped Christmas presents labeled "TO: baby Cade". Also exciting thinking about this time next year and how fun it will be when he's almost one year old. I just can't even imagine!

Movement? Still very active and feels like he is literally going to bust through my belly at times! I even caught him moving on video on my iPhone.

Cravings? I am not as hungry these days because I get so full so fast. I pretty much just eat anything and my only cravings would be ICE CREAM! Lots of it!

Gender? Boy! Joshua Cade

Labor Signs? Just Braxton Hicks and back pain at times

Belly button in or out? It's flat, let's just say that

What I miss? Sleeping on my back and riding in a car, even just 30 minutes to work is becoming more uncomfortable

What I am looking forward to: Going to the doctor again this Friday and also ringing in the new year - the year {& hopefully month!} we get to meet our baby! Can NOT believe that it's almost 2012 and Christmas has come and gone

Weekly Wisdom: If you get pulled over for speeding while pregnant, just tell him you were in a hurry to get to the bathroom and well, that will get you out of a ticket! :) [yep and for the record, I wasn't lying. I really did have to go to the bathroom. The cop was super nice and understanding, thank goodness. It was just quite hilarious! ]

Milestones: Cade is a whopping 5 pounds and 19-22 inches in length. Only 3 more weeks until he is FULL TERM

We had a wonderful whirlwind of a Christmas! It was quite different this year and hopefully I can do a few Christmas posts this week. We have had an exhausting past four days to say the least - lots of traveling- but we've been so blessed to spend it with those we love!

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  1. you look awesome!!! so excited for y'all :)


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