Tricks and Treats

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hope everyone had a great Halloween. Is it really November already?

Just had two police men and the "K-9 Unit" aka their baby brother/puppy dog Carter stop by to trick or treat Monday night. Know I'm pretty bias, but they looked adorable!
Not only did the twins pick out their own costumes, they also decided what baby brother would be as well...






these were their "scary faces"...

followed by the smiles I love so much!


and here I am carrying my own lil' {ok, big!} punkin' this week.

26 weeks
He's about 15 inches long and 2.5 lbs!
Kept it small to spare you from the awful under eye bags/circles and hidious hair. This has been a very tiring week. I was already exhausted from doing SEVEN photoshoots for friends all day Sunday [Note to everyone: do not attempt this at nearly 26 weeks pregnant. Ever. Such a fun day but man did I pay for it that night. Could. not. move.], then my 3 hour glucose test bright and early Monday morning [such a "trick", but I passed with flying colors. Praise!] then left at 7am Tuesday for day trip to the IDS at AmericasMart in Atlanta [such a treat, got lots of Christmas shopping done already and stocked up for the store]

Whew is right.

But I couldn't help but to be so excited envisioning next Halloween when we will have our sweet Cade to dress up and go trick or treating along with his cousins. Also very excited about my college roomie coming to visit this weekend and my first baby shower with all of my amazing friends.

Seriously, I should try to get lots of rest but I'm almost so excited I can't sleep!

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  1. that carter is one cute little baby. i could eat him up!

    you missy never look bad...blow that picture up! ;)

    can't wait for the shower this weekend. i hope you have as much as fun at the shower as we all did planning it.


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