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Monday, November 28, 2011

So Black Friday week officially took over my life. Well, and a lovely Thanksgiving with family.
We had a great time and I definitely gobble gobbled until I wobble wobbled...
no, literally.

carrying my little turkey on Thanksgiving day

Day #24: Thankful for another Thanksgiving spent with family. My sister was in Ohio with her fiance since his grandfather passed away {continue to pray for them}, my mom was with her boyfriend at his family so Chad and I took my grandpa with us to Chad's grandparents {my papa went to college and served in Korean war with Chad's grandpa} for Thanksgiving lunch. It was SO yummy and we had a great time with Chad's family who came from Boone and also Columbia. I love that he has such a huge family because that is something I never was use to since both of my parents were only children. Papa enjoyed himself so much and we had a wonderful day making memories.
above: Chad's Grandma Frieda and the youngest two cousins. Next year we'll have TWO more, making that SIX great-grands for Papa Jack and Grandma Frieda. Baby Cade and then Claire {in picture} will have a baby sister. They say, the more the merrier! What blessings these sweet kids are!

below: cousin Jackie and baby Carter enjoying the perfect weather on Thanksgiving day
Day #25: Thankful for another successful Black Friday at Sugar. Thankful that I survived!

It was game time. Well, game time at Sugar. Black Friday was ON and I had scheduled for four of us to work this year so we could have two in the morning and two in the afternoon. That way I wouldn't have to work from 7am-7pm. {there would have been NO way}. Well my sister unexpectedly spent Thanksgiving in Ohio, like I said, so that left us with 3. Then at 6:45am as I was setting up the store ready to open the doors for the line outside {YES!}, my sweet employee Allison called and said her sister Amanda {who I mentioned was due with a baby boy two days before me} was at the hospital and they were going to do an emergency c-section! I was so extremely worried, tears flooded my eyes and after I got off the phone with Allison I just prayed and prayed for that sweet baby. He was born around 7:30 am at only 29 weeks weighing 2 lb 10 oz and 14 inches long. He is such a fighter - already breathing on his own. Such a tiny little guy and I know they have a long road ahead but PRAISE the Lord mama and baby are doing ok. I just ask that you continue to please pray for them. Once again I'm reminded, you can plan plan plan [just as Amanda and Matt "planned" for their baby to arrive in February...] but God will show you real quick it is only HIS plans and HIS timing. This was definitely all part of His perfect plan. That baby boy is such a little miracle!

Amanda and I at my baby shower last week. Both 28 weeks.

So Black Friday was interesting as their we were only down to two of us working all day but again, Lord knows best and it's all about HIS plans. He gave me the energy to make it through the day and I felt fabulous! My employee Brittany stuck it out with me all day and was a blessing as well as my dear friend Beth who brought lunch and helped in the afternoon. I am so thankful for our customers and everyone who came out and made it another great Black Friday. I ended up working Saturday by myself too and again, I'm happy to say it was a successful Small Business Saturday. Overwhelmed by the support of our community and our amazing customers. My heart literally was overflowing with blessings this past week. Know it's pregnancy hormones but I just couldn't be more thankful this year.

Day #26: I am thankful I am a GAMECOCK FAN!!!!!! GO COCKS! "We aren't LSU and we aren't Alabama. But we sure ain't Clemson" - Steve Spurrier. That's all I'm going to say about that :)

Day #27: I AM THANKFUL FOR REST! "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest" - Matthew 11:28. He did just that! On Saturday night the hubs and I enjoyed the Clemson/Carolina game just him and I, in the comfort of our own home. Haven't done that in probably ten years but plans change and you just go with it. I knew my #1 priority was giving myself {and this baby in my belly} REST. Yesterday we cleaned around the house, decorated just a bit for Christmas, rested a little more and today I'm very excited about having a day off from work. Praise the Lord.

Day #28: Thankful for a day off of work and wonderful employees. I'm heading to Greenville for a prenatal massage at Urban Nirvana and day of shopping. Just me. I love it. Then tonight dinner and movie with Beth. It is much needed and my motto is work hard, play hard. I am excited and hope to buy Cade even more goodies {essentials} today like the travel system, high chair, monitors, etc... since we got tons of gift cards at our last shower. Will do a post on my deals and finds later. I still have no clue about what I will pick out.

Have a great Monday!

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