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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tuesday night my fellow "co-workers" as I sometimes call them, hosted a fun get-together/shower. All of our employees, other boutique owners I've come to know & love, and friends were able to come hang out, have dinner, and they certainly showered baby Cade with precious gifts.

Most from The Frilly Frog, like this one for instance.

Can you even stand the cuteness? The tiny monogram is precious and the sweater? I die.

*sorry the lighting from my iPhone was horrible*

Also we received several pieces in some of my favorite brands so far for babies. Magnolia Baby {LOVE. SO soft, easy to monogram gowns and seperates, plus great prices}, Le Top, Le Za Me, Kissy Kissy, and more. I also love Mud Pie - they have the cutest styles for both boys and girls! EVERYTHING we got was so super cute and we got great neccessities too. Very exciting and thankful for everyone who came.

Chad doesn't quite understand all the baby clothes. Most of the newborn layette outfits came with sweet booties and a "dressy blanket" to match. I kept saying to him, "See Chad, this dressy blanket is what we will take with him to church". His response: " Sandi...we go to church in IVA!!!" {aka: he was implying it was a very small town, which it is, but a big church so hey, big or small the kid needs to look snazzy at all times}

Then Chad proceeds to ask me if we have gotten Cade's stroller/car seat yet. I replied "No, not yet but we can buy it eventually if we don't receive at a shower". He rolled his eyes and said "Oh great. So we will have to tote the youngin everywhere but [throws his hands up like Adam Sandler in Billy Madison] OH, but he'll have 14 "dressy blankets" to choose from to take with him!"

At this point my drink literally spewed from my mouth. You never know what he is going to say and he had me laughing SO hard. He says this stuff to be funny, knowing good and well he was just as excited as me about all the sweet gifts Cade received. He secretly loves it. So he finished by saying "I think I'll just let you dress him. Until I am allowed to put camo and tshirts on him, I'll just be scared". Bless.

Lisa, owner of The Frilly Frog and co-hostess for the shower, made a good point: You have forever to dress a little boy in khakis and polos. Let's face it, from the age they are four or so their wardrobes rarely ever change. So when they are babies, it's precious to put them in adorable smocked outfits, layettes, gowns, etc... Also everyone believes there's more choices for little girls and granted yes, sometimes it seems that way, but I still firmly believe you can get in just as much trouble buying for a little boy as you can a little girl. I could go nutzo buying him clothes, seriously. Maybe it's just because I'm obsessed with clothes in general and seeing them "miniature sized" just somehow makes them even more irresistibly cute. But I'll have to refrain for now... at least until after we get the child a "stroller to tote him in" :)

Ok, back to the shower...

the lovely spread. "Chicken and grits" - a new dish you must try!

always monograms. always.

Amanda and I are due TWO DAYS apart.

She's due before me, also with a sweet baby boy. Yes, I said before me.

By the looks of the picture, you'd think I was TWO weeks ahead {uh, or more}!

She looks FABULOUS and I'm so excited about our little guys :)

with my so sweet hostesses for the evening...

Kimberly owns Blossom Shoes & Such. Lisa owns The Frilly Frog children's boutique.

Aunt Court...

Thought this was sweet. Finally a pic with both Cade's Grammi and Mimi...

w/ Aunt Monk and Mimi...

with one of my sweet customers, Lisa, who is now more like a great friend to me.

She has been a blessing to get to know over the past 3 years. Love her!

with some of the Blossom/Sugar/Frilly Frog clan

Wish we had gotten a picture of ALL the girls. Maybe we'll try that at the Christmas party!

Seriously, these girls {and the ones not pictured} are the best

Could not do what we do without them!

Thanks again for a fabulous time and TONS of great goodies for Cade.

He is going to be one very spoiled {and very well dressed} little fella thanks to you all!

Day #17: Thankful for my amazing FRIENDS! Seriously I don't know how I got so blessed but from old friends to new friends and all the ones in between, I am so grateful for each and every one of you.

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