Happy Birthday Drew

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day #16: Thankful to have met and spent time with this amazing fella right here...

even if it was for just too short of a time.

Today is Drew's 26th Birthday and 4th birthday in heaven.

You can click here to read his story.

I'm pretty much going to say the same thing I say every year. It still just doesn't feel real. This is such a hard time for Drew's dad, mom, and sisters as well as my husband's entire extended family and all of Drew's close friends. And when I say Drew had friends...I do mean a lot of friends. He was definitely the first person I knew to reach 1,000 friends on Facebook and his friend even wrote a song about it that he shared at his funeral. He had a ton of friends for good reason. People were instantly drawn to him. He was hands down one of the most vivacious, fun-lovin', adventurous, charismatic guys I knew. He just had a smile that lit up the room, if you can't tell by that picture.

So charming. So sweet.
Like a magnet, you couldn't resist him. From just what few years I knew him, you could tell he never met a stranger.

I hope my dad remembers to take him a piece of cake up in heaven today. I'm sure they would have a blast hanging out since they were both a lot alike {fun-loving and not a care in the world for sure - yep that's them}. Also when Chad and I sit and talk about what Cade will look like, who he will act like, we often say "Wonder if he will love to sing like my sister? or will he be strong like Chad and his dad? Will he be silly comedian? Will he be shy? Will he be athletic? Will he love music?" etc...

Then Chad will say,

"Well one thing is for sure, if he turns out to be like his cousin Drew
then I wouldn't mind one bit"

...and I couldn't agree with him more.

Please keep this family in prayer and take the time this season to truly appreciate every second you spend with your loved ones. It's a harsh reality {that unfortunately we've had to face one too many times} but you never know when it could be your last.

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  1. "Well one thing is for sure, if he turns out to be like his cousin Drew then I wouldn't mind one bit"

    OMG ... I lost it and cried the minute I read that ... so sad! Keeping his family (you included) in my thoughts and prayers!!!! xoxoxo


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