Day 9 and baby cousins

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I've seen a lot of people on Facebook post daily about what they are thankful for and I thought it was a great idea because we all have SO much more than just a month's worth of blessings to be thankful for.

So starting a little late, but today I am thankful for tiny kicks.

and rolls...and punches...

I swear I do not know what in the world I ate or drank yesterday to send this baby into a frenzy but I commented to Chad at dinner how he had been kicking up a storm and SO active yesterday. More so than usual. Then when I was lying in bed on my back for a bit around 11:00pm, {i do not think he likes me on my back bc he always moves like crazy then} he started moving so much that I could literally feel him roll completely over and his hand or foot go across my belly. It was almost freaking me out a bit. It's the most surreal feeling. A feeling I thought for a while would never happen for us. Now even though sometimes I feel as if he's going to kick straight through my stomach, I am so thankful for the miracle that God has given us. A miracle is exactly what it is. Some days I can't even wrap my head around it. So wild.

and yes folks that is what I'm thankful for today!

Also I thought this was neat. Oh the difference a year can make...

October 23rd 2010
We hosted a shower for my sister in law Monica. She was nearly 8 months pregnant
with baby Carter.
November 6th 2011
At my baby shower - 7 months prego with Carter's future cousin, Cade!
Chad & Monica's first cousin Brianne and hubby Josh are also expecting {second child}, due in April. She finds out what their having this week and we can not wait to see what the "next cousin" will be. So excited!

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