Day #10

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today I'm thankful that I have met this amazing woman. Twice actually!

Ms. Lilly Pulitzer, who has a BIRTHDAY today...
Y'all she is such a "hoot" as we say in the South. She does not filter what she says so you never know what will come out of her mouth and my oh my, the stories this woman has to tell! Absolute GLA-MOUR, yet she's so down to earth and simply "tells it like it is". I could sit and listen to her talk for hours.

To celebrate her birthday today, we're doing 30% OFF Fall Lilly styles at Sugar.

Also FREE SHIPPING to boot. Just use promocode: FREESHIP

Click HERE to head on over to our sale page.

Today I reflect and give thanks that I am blessed to do what I love each and every day. Oh and trust me, it's a lot more than just going to Palm Beach, meeting Lilly and ordering. Whew, I wish that's all it was. :) I would have never in a million years dreamt I'd be doing this if you'd ask me five years ago, but the Lord has answered my prayers, fulfilled my dreams, and taken me down roads I'd never expected but have been grateful to have traveled.

Happy Thursday and Happy Birthday Lilly!

*oh and I couldn't help but to share this from Pink Champagne's blog today. Fabulous.

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  1. I am SOOOOO jealous that you got to meet Lilly!! Not once but twice! I have a lilly planner so I knew it was her birthday yesterday! I believe I am going to have to steal the "lilly girl" saying from above!


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