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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day #21: Thankful for a roof over my head, clothes on my back, shoes on my feet, and food on my table. We tend to take for granted our neccessities. While we may not have everything we want or desire, we are beyond blessed to have all that we NEED and that's all that matters!

Day #22: Thankful for my HEALTH. That's a big one. I hear of loved ones facing struggles whether it's cancer or long term sicknesses, surgeries, etc... and I am just so grateful to be in good health at the moment as well as my family. It is the number one thing we should be grateful for.

Day #23: Thankful for my parents. My mom is my rock and my dad is my angel.
Although they weren't "together" officially as my parents but for 11 years, it didn't matter. Together or apart, they remained best friends and were the BEST parents to my sister and I. When I think of raising Cade, I think back to how my parents raised me. I hope that I can give him just half as good of childhood, values, morals, lessons, and LOVE that my parents gave me!

Miss my sweet daddy so much. This is the 4th Thanksgiving/Christmas season without him and my heart still aches. It aches more now to know that Cade will never know his "Papa Charlie" but I've already began a scrapbook, a shadow box for his nursery, and I plan to get one of those "Baby's First Photo Albums" so that we can show Cade pictures from early on of who his granddaddy was. Then later I can't wait to share stories to him. I know daddy is smiling down on us and has had a hand in preparing this special little boy for us :)
If you see that dimple in daddy's chin. That's what the ultrasound tech said she could see in Cade's 3D ultrasound. Isn't that wild?
No doubt that his children were loved. All of us! Me, my sister, and brother too.
When you lose the one you love {especially sooner than you think}, you can look at it two ways. Be sad, angry, resentful about all the years you will miss with them or BE THANKFUL for the beautiful gift God has given you - the years you were able to spend with them and the wonderful memories you made.

Today I am so thankful for that gift.

*Please pray for the Hite family. My sister's fiance, Mack, lost his granddad Monday night. They are all flying to Ohio to be with them and pray for the entire family that they will have safe travels, peace, and comfort during this time. It is so hard to lose the one you love, especially around the holiday season. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

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