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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Who will baby Cade look like?

from left:
me, chad's sister monica and chad, my sister courtney

Yesterday we had our 3D ultrasound. So my day #19 would be that we are thankful that everything looked great, you have no idea. Looking back at where we were this time last year and everything we went through, we just sat there yesterday in amazement. God is SO good.

We didn't have it done at our doctor's office so we didn't get an update of the weight or size of him but let me just give you a peek at the conversation I had with the u/s tech...

U/S Lady: "Look at those full cheeks! This is great! I wouldn't have come in any later than this or it would have been too late!"

Me: "What week is "too late?" I'm only 28 weeks..."

U/S Lady's eyes lit up: "What? You're only 28 weeks? ". She was in disbelief.

Me: "Yes, I'm serious. Supposively 28 weeks, due Feb 7th!"

U/S Lady: "Oh my goodness I thought you were much further along!!"

So there you have it folks.

I'll let you be the judge and see what you think.

The first thing the u/s tech said was "Oh my, he looks like his daddy!"
I agree 100%.

Would you look at that FULL face, button nose and full lips.
I can not wait to kiss on those chubby little cheeks!

In this next pic, you can almost see the dimple in his chin the u/s tech pointed out several times. We never got a good shot of it but you can see it on the DVD they gave us. I said "That's wild, my dad had that". She said "Oh you should tell him then - he's going to have his chin". I tried to refrain from breaking down at this point but it did make my heart swell a little to know that maybe, just maybe, Cade will have some of my dad's features. I am sure he will be the perfect combination of the both of us and again, this blows my mind when I think about just exactly what God can do and how HE made this precious baby for us. It's an absolute miracle.

Could you tell he was getting irritated with that hand over his face? Then he turned to the side when we were trying to get another pic, opened his eyes and grinned almost to say
"fun is over! no more pics!"

He may just have his dad's sense of humor already :)

*Our twin nephews {age 4} totally did not understand when we sent pics via phone to their mom, Chad's sister. They kept saying "So they went and got baby out of Aunt Sanni's belly?" and then they asked "WHY is he yellow?"
I am sure it is a lot for a 4 year old to grasp. Heck my mom said she even could hardly understand how 3D technology is these days so of course it's a lot for a kid! Completely blows my mind too!

"Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him" - Psalm 127:3


  1. OMG!!! Look at that sweet little face!!! You are just going to eat up those cheeks, Mama! Trust me, I've got a little boy squisher myself! So excited for you!

  2. totally is going to look just like his daddy.


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