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Monday, October 24, 2011

This past weekend was WONDERFUL. For many reasons but above all because I got to R-E-S-T and enjoyed not one, but two whole much needed days off. Here's what we've been up to:
  • my mom and sister came over Saturday to help me around the house. We organized cabinets and drawers, made room for baby bottles and such {making it seem all the more real}. Aunt Courtney spray painted some things for Cade's nursery and my mom planted pansies outside for me.
  • I must add that my in laws came over last week and put together Cade's crib. We got the bedding in there to see what it looks like. His dad helped finish the changing table too. Even though we arranged the furniture differently than what I envisioned {and I'm a total perfectionist so I need to just get over that}, I am so in love with the room already and yet there's still so much to do. Needless to say we are SO THANKFUL for the much needed help we've received this week. Little guy's room is coming along and I've certainly enjoyed "nesting". Know this is just the beginning.
  • Saturday night Chad and I got to babysit this perfect little sweetie...
Yep, our 10 month nephew Carter. Oh my word, words can not describe how much I love this little fella.

Blurry pic but here he is in his jammies before bedtime. He is such a good baby. I have never seen a baby smile so much, always happy all the time. No seriously. I pray every night "Lord please let Cade be just like his cousin Carter". And if he comes out looking like him, well then that's perfectly fine too :)
....because I mean seriously, could the child BE any cuter?
  • Chad snapped a picture on my phone and said "Oh let's take a photo to show what you will look like this time next year!" He was implying that I'd be pregnant again just months after we had Cade. This is what holding a 10 month old while 25 weeks pregnant looks like. Um, no. Unless the Lord has some divine will for us - we will be waiting a while. I know women do it all the time but whew - you talk about tiring!
  • There really is nothing more precious than a sweet baby cuddled up in soft jammies and taking his nighttime bottle. It really made us 1. realize that our Saturday nights will never be the same after January 2. we need to baby proof our house, like asap 3. just made us even more excited and ready to meet our little Cade!
  • Speaking of, Cade is giving me indigestion more now than ever. Any suggestions/cures? I sent Chad to the store for milk {for cereal} and oreos {for vanilla ice cream I had} and that my friends was my Sunday night dinner. Nice huh?
  • Chad picked the movie last night. Popped in the new Transformers flick, looked at me so serious and announced "Sandi, I've been wanting to see this movie for a long time. Act interested!" Uh, yes sir.
  • So you know, I did {psssh...} all the while flipping through the new Southern Living of course and came across this beauty on page 86. It's the Jude Connally Orange Medallion dress that's available at Sugar! Such a great style, it's been a best seller and I absolutely love this brand. You have to try one of her dresses! So comfy, wrinkle free, doesn't absorb moisture - the absolute BEST fabric.
  • Last but not least I can. not. believe that Halloween is a week from today. WHAT?
Happy Monday, more fun Fall photo shoots coming soon!

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  1. TUMS! I pop those like they are candy when I get indigestion. My OB assured me that I can't overdose on them, but they will certainly increase my calcium. Good luck with finishing your little one's nursery. So much fun!


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