24 Weeks and ATL

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

24 Weeks today.

I tell you, I can not believe how fast the weeks are flying by now.

Maybe it's because we've been gone the past two weekends and I've stayed busier than ever at the store. Regardless, I'm glad that each week means I'm one week closer to meeting my sweet boy. Chad and I are becoming so anxious. We sit and daydream/chat about what we think he will look like. We just can't wait to see his precious face.

One thing is for sure is I've spent a lot of quality time with this beautiful woman, my mom and Cade's "Grammi"
Last weekend we trecked to the mountains to surprise my sister after her engagement then this weekend mom went with me to AmericasMart in Atlanta so I could order Spring 2012. She is the best "assistant" and so much help! Seriously I know people say this all the time, but I do not know what I'd do without my mother. Since I won't be attending the next market which is set for February, I had to cram in a lot of appointments this past weekend in just a mere two days. Somehow we got it all done but the exhaustion is certainly taking over. We even had a huge event in our town last night that somehow I pulled off and set up a booth at the last minute. How do you work 13 consecutive 8 + hour days while 24 weeks pregnant? Ask me Friday afternoon at 6pm and I will tell you.

I'm soooo looking forward to a day of rest Saturday and hopefully getting things set up in Cade's nursery. We have lots to do and again, the weeks are flying by!
pic from the Sun Dial Restuarant at the Westin, ATL on Saturday night

My next doctor appointment is set for next Wednesday, Oct 26th. I'll be getting the flu shot and have my Sugar test. Plus hopefully scheduling his 3D ultrasound for around 30 weeks.
Exciting day!

Oh and I am also registering at The Frilly Frog today which I'm really excited about. It's our local children's boutique and it is to die for. SUCH cute things and Lisa, the owner has become one of my dear friends. We had a great time with her this past weekend in ATL too! Check out their website for darling children's clothes and accessories.


*Also wanted to remember October 15th, which was this past Saturday. It was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. My heart goes out to others who have also had miscarriages and/or lost an infant. Also have several friends that I'm praying for as they struggle with TTC.

This has been one of my favorite quotes over the past year:

"Do not judge God's gifts until you've unwrapped the whole package. Often His presents are larger than they seem and take longer to unpack than you thought. But in the end, you're likely to learn that whatever pain you put into the situation is much less than His blessings...God's gifts are perfect after all!"

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