Weekend Recap

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What a gorgeous weekend it was! I enjoyed being outside all day Saturday & Sunday, even though my sinuses didn't enjoy it too much and I'm certainly paying for it now. But, it was worth it and just praying maybe we'll have rain this week to get this crazy pollen under control!

On Saturday, I spent the day with this beautiful bride, Whitney, photographing her gorgeous wedding in Sumter. It was a long day [Sumter is about a 3 hour drive from my house] but I got some amazing shots and can't wait to post a few [ok, a lot!] photos later this week!
After church on Sunday, I photographed my sweet little man, Logan [my best friends son] who is turning TWO next week and I just can't believe it. See his one year photos HERE.
He is such a cutie!

and so are these two! I always have a blast photographing these precious,vivacious kiddos - Mati and Reed...

and finally, I finished the day photographing this gorgeous mommy-to-be, Lindsay...
as you can see, it was quite a busy weekend!
Look for TONS of photos coming soon...


  1. Wow! Love the pics. You're so talented. Thanks for entering my giveaway too! :)

  2. Great pictures!!!!!! You are very good at photography!!! I always want to get into it but i need a nice camera first. I'm saving up!! Thanks for sharing!!! :)


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