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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Thought I would join in on the fun at Kellys Korner {ok, so I'm a little late} for her Show Us Your Life Post - Fashion Tips! Most of you know I own a womens apparel boutique called Sugar - the fashion you crave. It was a dream come true when I opened in April 2008 and has been very challenging, but so very rewarding. Our mission is to provide unique, trendy apparel at prices for everyone's budget. We carry lines such as Lilly Pulitzer {$78-$278} but then we also carry lines such as Karlie & Tulle {$26 tops, $38 skirts, $78 dresses}. We feel we have a little something for everyone - ages 16 and up. I've learned so much over the past two years since opening Sugar. The "trends" are ever-changing in the fashion world, but when you think about your "style" - it's just all about who you are as a person and the image you portray to others. Not just with your fashion, but even things in your everyday life - such as your home decor. There's a style to it right? So it got me thinking about my own personal style. Here's some of my all time favorite fashion tips that I love to share with customers on a daily basis, and will pass along to you guys.

1. Don't be afraid of a little {or a lot of} COLOR.

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, adding a little color to your wardrobe can not only brighten up your closet - but brighten up well, YOU! It doesn't have to be "matchy matchy" all the time either. Pick colors you love, and then switch them up to find new ways to wear them together! More than likely, they'll compliment each other and if nothing else give you an interesting, fun, new look. Colors we are seeing for Spring 2010: Coral, Salmon, Turquoise, Cantaloupe/Orange Have fun with it!

Take turquoise for instance {since it's my favorite color}. Here I've paired a turquoise scarf with fuchsia tights! Kinda random, but it works. I had a bracelet that incorporated all the colors so it pulled it together. The black "essential" dress is by Karlie, which I'll talk more about next.

Pair turquiose and lime green!

Here, I paired that same turquoise dress with an orange/coral necklace and sandals from Target.
See, there's SO MANY OPTIONS!
Just let your outfit be your canvas and don't be afraid to paint with COLOR!

2. Meet your best friends: Your ESSENTIALS.

There's several items you should always have in your closet for each season. It's easier to splurge on these items since you can transition them from season to season, year after year. They are an investment - classic, and timeless. Wear them different each time when incorporating "trend pieces" along with them to constantly create a new look with the same item.

Key pieces every girl should have:
  • PANTS: Black pant, khaki pant, and white denim/pant {for Spring/Summer, and in some places year round}. Oh and a great pair of JEANS!
  • JACKETS: Denim Jacket, classic tan trench, black pea coat, and a fun pea coat {houndstooth, bright color - red is a favorite} for Winter

  • DRESSES: Have a "go-to" LBD. One that flatters, can be worn with tons of different accessories, and you can always assure that it fits just perfect. I love solid sundresses in the Spring/Summer and also long sleeve jersey dresses for Fall/Winter. They are so versatile and you can wear them a million ways. For instance, check out a post from my boutique blog HERE that shows the many different ways to wear the 3/4 sleeve black Karlie dress.

  • TOPS: Tanks in Summer, Turtlenecks in Winter - those are just good basics to keep. I love to also have fun flowy tunics {just because they are oh so comfy}

  • SHOES: a great pair of metallic/colored/or animal print flats to really make an outfit. Plus a great pair of black heels and an awesome flat boot for winter.

  • JEWELRY: statement ring, long necklaces, statement necklace {love large gold chains right now and bib necklaces, they can definitely snazz up any outfit} Bib necklaces are around $25-30 and can completely change the look of a basic black or white tee.
{Kelly wearing a Karlie motorcycle jacket, me wearing a bib necklace and $38 Tulle skirt, and Heather wearing a zebra tunic , also by Karlie. All available at Sugar}

  • A good wide belt {brown, black or metallic} to cinch tunics and dresses you never wear anymore because you feel like they look like a bag. We all have these right and they just sit in your closet. Grab a belt - TA DA!

3. "ACCESSORIES are everything" - rachel zoe
Just like the quote, accessories ARE everything and can totally make or break an outfit. I should do more of this, since I'm inspired daily by so many customers who strategically plan out every single accessory with every outfit and they just look styled "to a T" everyday. I can never have enough scarves, long necklaces, chunky necklaces, bangles and fun earrings! That's usually what I'm drawn towards. Gold is a huge trend right now, so grab a chunky gold necklace or big gold earrings to wear with virtually everything in your closet and look instantly chic! Click HERE for a fun accessories post from Rachel Zoe's book "Style: A to Zoe".

4. Animal Prints are TIMELESS.

Zebra, Giraffe, Leopard, or snakeskin - animal prints are a HUGE trend right now {and have been for several seasons} but Jackie O' wore them in the 60s and I can assure you that animal prints will still be stylish in 2060 also! Invest in a great pair of snakeskin flats, or splurge on a fun zebra scarf or leopard jacket. These pieces are fun to pair back with your "essentials" and create fun new looks every time.

4. Comfort is a must!

Just because it's the "trend" right now, if it doesn't flatter you or you just aren't feeling confident wearing it- then skip it! Who cares what the trend is now, again it's all about your personal style and when you wear clothes that you love, flatter you, and you feel good in - it will SHOW! I never wear anything I'm not comfortable in. I've tried on many occasions to wear several things in my closet - but just take it off before I head out the door. I simply can't do it. Recently I've found myself wearing a lot more flowy tunics/dresses as I get older, and also more FLATS! I just cant do heels as much anymore. Again, as Yves St. Laurent said...

"Fashion fades, but style is eternal"

COMFY in a Lilly dress with THE FASHION icon, Mrs. Lilly Pulitzer herself!

December 2009

Happy shopping ladies ~ thanks for stopping by!

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