Happy Birthday Drew

Monday, November 16, 2009

Today is Drew's 24th birthday...

and second birthday spent in heaven.

I'm still speechless and it's been nearly two years now.

He is my husband's first cousin whose incredibly vibrant, fun-loving life was cut too short the day after Thanksgiving, 2007 when a drunk driver hit them from behind as they were turning into the road their house was on in Boone, NC. {Literally not even a half of a mile from their house} They were just getting back home from their annual Thanksgiving stay with my husband's family here in South Carolina.

We will never forget that day and we will never forget this precious smile that will continue to bring joy to our hearts for many many many years to come...

Love and miss you Drew

Continue to keep this family in your prayers over the next few weeks and during the Holiday season, as well as the Gray and McClain family.

The Holidays are never the same when you're missing those you've loved along the way.

"and I hope they know I never woulda made it this far on my own. Where would we all be without those fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers... the friends I've made, the long lost lovers. I wouldn't be who I am today... if not for those I've loved along the way"

-Eric Church "Those I've Loved"

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